Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Paying Off

Once again I am staring in the face of more debt caused by past responsibilities of my spouse. I (we) have paid off the debt he (we) owed to his daughter because of the lawnmower he 'had' to have. I (we) have paid off the debt to the IRS he (we) owed because he ignored a 1099 three years ago. Now, there is more debt he (we) owe due to not paying off a credit card from years ago.

  As I wrote that I had to put the 'wes' in there----to remind myself WE are in this thing called marriage together.

I knew he didn't manage his money well before I married him, but I had NO idea that it was as bad as it is!!

I am trying to look at this from the stand point of, 'What does God want ME to learn through this'. 

Yes, God has provided me with the desire to be debit free. He has also provided the funds when these debts needed to paid off.

Trust? YES, a resounding YES. I do trust that I (we) will get through this one too.