Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Grackle with a Errant Feather

     This morning as I drove around campus I noticed a Grackle with an errant feather. I had several questions for that Grackle! Is that errant feather to attract a mate? Is that errant feather like a bad hair day for me or do you even know you have an errant feather?

     Then I thought about how many times do we walk around with an 'errant feather'! Be it an attitude of self-righteousness or a haughty spirit. Maybe it is an unforgiven offense of another. Do we ignore it as we look in the mirror, hoping no one else will notice? Or, do we wear it with 'pride', hoping they will notice and ask us about it so we can let them see how the 'errant feather' is affecting us?

     What is your 'errant feather' that you carry with you each day?