Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From briers and thorns to living with the pure of heart

Saturday, July 30, 2011 as I read Isaiah 55:11-13 this is what it said to me.

How many briers there were in my life
how many thorns grew from my tongue
I did not know the despair I was in
I had been brought up with briers, thorns and thistles
I learned to walk with them
I learned how to use them to get what I wanted
Then that day--He came upon me
He lifted me high above what I had been living in
He showed me how I could live among the pure of heart
He showed me the beauty in my heart and in my soul
He told me how wonderful I am in His eyes
He saw me as beautiful
He delighted in me
I ask--Why would you do this for me?
Why? Because I made you in My image and because I love you
He always loved me
He was always protecting me
And when I was broken beyond human repair He rescued me
All of this was to show me His everlasting love and compassion for His broken one

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sadness and Happiness at the Same Time?

I began this blog in April 2011. And I am finishing it today, June 20, 2011.

Oh my, so much to be happy about and I am about overcome with sadness at what I am losing and giving up. But so excited at what I am gaining. How can these two emotions be so strong at the same time. How can my heart feel full of anticipation and excitement and my eyes so full of tears?

Sadness over losing my freedom. Freedom to go and come as I like. Freedom to eat when and what I want. Freedom over the remote!! Freedom to hog the entire bed. Freedom to please only me. Freedom to go out with the girls.

As the day of marriage draws nearer and nearer the anticipation and excitement are drying my tears. They are being replaced with overwhelming excitement. Below are the things I can think of off the top of my head!!

Anticipation and excitement about spending evenings cuddling with the one I love. Anticipation and excitement about Saturday mornings having coffee on the patio.
Anticipation and excitement about someone to help me do the yard!!!
Anticipation and excitement about cooking dinner with a friend.
Anticipation and excitement about a fishing buddy!
Anticipation and excitement about someone to study the Bible with!
Anticipation and excitement about someone to just hang out with.
Anticipation and excitement about having someone to share goals and dreams with.
Anticipation and excitement about dreaming about the "perfect" house.
Anticipation and excitement about dream vacations.

I am so happy I can't stand it!!! I love Terry Don and can't wait to be Mrs. Carico! He makes me laugh, and sometimes cry when I am laughing so hard!! He makes me feel special. He also make me feel sexy! I can't help but to smile when I think about him. See, all the tears about what I am "giving up" are gone. Look at what I am gaining.

I love you Terry Don.