Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From briers and thorns to living with the pure of heart

Saturday, July 30, 2011 as I read Isaiah 55:11-13 this is what it said to me.

How many briers there were in my life
how many thorns grew from my tongue
I did not know the despair I was in
I had been brought up with briers, thorns and thistles
I learned to walk with them
I learned how to use them to get what I wanted
Then that day--He came upon me
He lifted me high above what I had been living in
He showed me how I could live among the pure of heart
He showed me the beauty in my heart and in my soul
He told me how wonderful I am in His eyes
He saw me as beautiful
He delighted in me
I ask--Why would you do this for me?
Why? Because I made you in My image and because I love you
He always loved me
He was always protecting me
And when I was broken beyond human repair He rescued me
All of this was to show me His everlasting love and compassion for His broken one

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